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Collars: Gentle Medusa recognizes that collar-sizing is a deeply personal choice. We recommend that collars should allow for at least two fingers between the wearer's neck and the collar, however, the more pebbles on a collar, the tighter it becomes, so please bear that in mind when measuring. For collars that fasten with the hook and eye method this is not an issue because it is perfectly simple to add links. Any jeweller can do this and it is even possible to do it yourself if you have decent pliers.


Cock rings: Again, very much down to personal choice, but the best way is to take a piece of string with no stretch and tie it firmly around the underside of the testicles and the top of the penis whilst flaccid. Make a mark where the string meets. Repeat the process when erect. Take the two marks and measure them and then work out the measurement in the middle. For example if the first measurement is 15cm and the second is 20cm, then you want a final measurement of 17.5cm. This ensures that it is not too loose that it falls off when flaccid, nor too tight so as to cause severe restriction or damage. If you are really unsure, then take measurements from any non-stretching cock ring you already use.

Some cock rings fit around the base of the shaft only. These can cause serious damage especially with solid designs like mine. I strongly advise against using solid cock rings in this way.



Q: There are now so many kinds of fingerprint jewellery about, what makes yours special or different?

A: I wanted to create fingerprint jewellery that was beautiful and stylish. The introduction of Precious Metal Clay (PMC) has opened up a whole new area of working, however it has its limitations. PMC converts to pure silver which is extremely soft and because they are very shallow, a fraction of a millimeter, the impressions will wear off in time.

I have devised a different way of taking the fingerprint and transferring it onto sterling silver which is much more durable. For the Secret Touch fingerprint rolls, which are pure silver, I have found a way to make the impressions much deeper and thus longer wearing. These techniques have allowed me to create a sophisticated and elegant range of jewellery.


Q: Your prices seem vague and where there are prices, they seem high. How much do they actually cost?

A: Because many items are bespoke and made to order, it depends on size, what you want done to it and the price of silver at the time. Pebbles which are just polished or with a satin finish are the cheapest, but enamelling, etching, stone setting etc vary in cost. The 'from' price is for the most simple pebble with a fingerprint, but as a guide, etching a design will add about 15-35, enamelling about 25-45.


The Poseidon's Gift range uses seaweed as its base and as a result it is time consuming to model and the castings need a lot of cleaning up when they come back from being cast due to the rather volatile nature of seaweed.


Q: What is the timescale for ordering bespoke items?

A: I try to keep a number of hallmarked pebbles and bangles in stock at all times, so it would depend on the size of the order, but generally a collar with up to 5 pebbles would take about 4 weeks. The stock for collars is ordered on an as needed basis and again sent off to be hallmarked before final finishing, so this process takes about 3 weeks. The Poseidon's Gift cock rings will take much longer because as well as having to create the individual wax pattern, they are then sent off to be professionally cast which can sometimes take 3-4 weeks, they are then hallmarked and returned to me to clean up and finish. Given that castings often come back pretty rough and beat up looking, it takes time to create a super-smooth polished surface which won't damage delicate skin.

It should be said that each and every item is individually hand-made by me and as such there may be delays at busy times. If buying for a date specific occasion, please order as early as possible to avoid disappointnment.


Q: How do I pay?

A: Payment is in Sterling via Paypal, cheque or bank transfer. It is generally easier for overseas customers to use PayPal. All items sold as being in stock must be paid for in full. Items that are bespoke must have a 50% deposit on ordering and the balance upon completion of the order before dispatch. Please note that deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!


Q: What kind of designs can I have on the front?

A: The front of the Pebbles can be finished in many different ways, from plain, to enamelled. You need to talk to me and we can see if we can realize your dream in silver and… whatever! See the photos for some of the past designs.


Q: I want my child's prints. Is this possible?

A: Absolutely! I try to cater for everyone. Please be aware that you should wait until your child is well over 6 months old for them to form properly. Children's prints are much smaller and finer than adult prints, so it is advisable to have them enlarged to get a good clear print. It is important to stress that I can only transfer what I'm given. If I'm sent a smudgy print, then that is what you will get, so take the time to make nice clean prints. Those who are photoshop wizzes can clean them up digitally before sending.


Q: Can I have lip prints on the back? In fact do I have to have anything on the back?

A: Yes lip prints are possible, bear in mind that the prints may be bigger than the actual pebble itself and I do not recommend using ink to get the prints! See the videos for more info. Having the back just polished smooth will reduce the cost by 15 per pebble.


Q: I'm worried about security issues with you having my prints.

A: Like your personal information, your fingerprints go no further than my personal desktop computer and workshop. Unless requested to keep the fingerprints on file for future use, I will destroy all fingerprint files on completion. Your email details will not be passed on or sold and I don't send out newsletters, circulars, promotions etc.


Q: How do I know that the jewelry you sell is real silver?

A: I'm registered as a maker with Birmingham Assay Office in the UK. With the exception of the Secret Touch rolls, which would be damaged by being hallmarked, all other items are fully hallmarked guaranteeing you their purity. If you have any doubts about the purity of the Secret Touch Rolls and wish to have them professionally tested, I will give a full refund, pay for the cost of the test and pay for the return of them should they prove not to be silver.


Q: Can your collars be worn 24/7?

A: Yes! I wear my collar (the thin type) with 5 pebbles and five fingerprint rolls all day every day. For my day job I work in a very professional environment and apart from comments on how attractive it is, people don't tend to comment on it. For greater discretion, the included steel barbell pin can be used to lock it rather than a padlock. If it is well fitting, that is, not too loose and not too tight, the collars are perfectly comfortable to sleep in. Being silver, they can safely be worn whilst showering, bathing or swimming.


Q: Are your collars suitable for play?

A: The stiff nature of the collars means they afford a large degree of control either using the hand or an attached leash. However, for safety reasons I would not recommend it for very hard play. Although the silver collars are flexible to a degree, they are not very forgiving on the neck if pulled and if pulled really hard from behind could cause tissue damage to the windpipe. This risk is far less if there are a two or more pebbles on the collar or the collar is worn over some form of thick leather as the pressure is dispersed. Leashes should preferably be attached to one of the ring pebbles rather than the padlock hasp or collar closure. This will also reduce stress on the staple which may, if placed under repeated stress, break. If the collar is padlocked shut, please ensure that there is a key/screwdriver available at all times in case of emergencies. As they say, if you break your toys, you can't play with them.

Q: I already have a collar that I love, will your pebbles fit it?

A: It depends on how thick and how wide the collar is, but if it is larger than the ones I make, then the slots on the pebbles can be enlarged to fit the collar for an additional cost, assuming it isn't of monster proportions of course!


Q: I have a nickel allergy, can I wear your jewellery?

A: The metals I use are either 100% pure fine silver, Britannia Silver or Sterling Silver. The Britannia and Sterling are alloys which contain small amounts of copper to add hardness to the metal. My jewellery is uncoated/plated as well, which should further reduce any reactions people with sensitive skin may have to Rhodium etc.

Generally speaking, modern Sterling Silver does not use nickel alloys, so should be safe for people with such allergies, although some people do continue to react, even to the copper. If this is the case with you, I might be able to have the pebbles either cast in pure silver, a less reactive alloy or depletion gild them which deposits a very thin layer of pure silver on the surface. This surface may wear away so it may be better to either coat them with clear nail polish or consider having the backs enamelled.


Q: How do I make my fingerprints and send them to you?

A: I've made some video tutorials to show the two easiest ways, but generally the biggest mistakes are to overload the finger pad with the printing medium (either ink or graphite) and pressing too hard. As long as the print is reasonably clear though, I can work with it. You can then either mail it to me or (quicker and easier) scan it on a high resolution (higher the better!) and email me the .jpg file. Please be aware that I can only work with what you send me. If the prints are smudged and indistinct then that is what you will get on the jewellery. They can be cleaned up digitally, but that will incur a fee and also I think it detracts from the feel of it. It's better to do 20 prints of each finger and pick one good one out.

Q: These QR codes and bar codes, where do I get them from?

A: If you or your slave is registered with The Slave Register, they'll give you a bar code. Or, you can create your own codes HERE. I really like the Aztec QR codes. There are lots of other code generators out there as well.


Q: I have a full collection of print pebbles and the relationship has broken down. Can I get the prints removed and new ones put on or the face decoration changed?

A: Oh dear! They are designed to be a lifelong commitment, but of course things happen.

Due to the substantial thickness of the pebbles, it is possible to have them removed and have them replaced with new prints if wanted. Likewise, the top surface can be altered to a certain extent, depending on what is already there and what you would like instead. This isn't something that can be done too many times though!

The fingerprint rolls cannot be modified in any way and still preserve the integrity of the silver. If you no longer want the collar I offer a buy back service. Please contact me for details.


Q: Do you make screw-down collars?

A: Not yet. I'm trying to source suitable screws and when I do, they will be offered.

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