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This love bead lariat was inspired by the (in)famous chain trick. The beads are designed to be used either anally or vaginally, just slowly feed as many beads as you wish inside and then at the moment of orgasm, steadily pull the chain of beads out. It is NOT like starting a lawn mower! The cool snowflake obsidian soon warms from body heat and with 36 inches of beads, a deliciously 'full' feeling is created. The beads can also be worn as a lariat around the neck, looping the end through the sterling silver ring pull.

Each love bead lariat is hand knotted on a thick, pure silk cord and every snowflake obsidian and natural rose quartz bead is checked for flaws and faults. The substantial hallmarked sterling silver ring pull is cast from himanthalia elongata seaweed, commonly known as thongweed. After use, the lariat should be washed as soon as possible in warm water preferably with an anti-bacterial soap and then left to completely dry before being put away. The beads are natural and as such may not be perfectly round. It is expected that the cord will stretch slightly over time.

Please check regularly for fraying or chipped beads. If you find fraying or beads are damaged, please discontinue use and return to me for free restringing and bead replacement, if necessary. Love bead lariats can be made shorter or longer by request and if you would like a different kind of bead, please contact me so I can make fantasy reality.

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