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Himanthalia elongata or Thongweed, forms the basis of the Poseidon's Gifts collection. This sinuous seaweed grows to 2m in length and is native to British coastlines. The delicate fronds are fashioned into cock rings, bangles and ring pulls for the anal and vaginal bead strings. Each bangle and cock ring is individually made, giving the assurance of a unique piece of craftmanship.

The weight and size is up to you, the client, but I try to keep a variety in stock. Custom prices vary by weight and size. Click the image for more pictures and dimensions.

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Custom made Sterling Silver cock ring Himanthalia Elongata Small Heavy Bangle 2

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Himanthalia Elongata Large Thin hoop Bangle 2
Himanthalia Elongata Large Thin Bangle 2

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Sterling Silver Large Thin Hoop Slave Bangle


Sterling Silver Large Thin Slave Bangle


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