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I am delighted to be able to offer laser etched QR and bar coded jewellery. This is perfect for inscribing secret messages or The Slave Register bar-codes. You can get a lot of information in a small area. For example, the pebble on the right reads: "*******'s slut" whilst the one on the left reads: "This slut is possessed and loved by Lord *******".

For maximum readability, try to keep to under 50 characters. If you MUST have a long message, I recommend you link to the URL on a webpage. For those that don't have access to webpages, I can give you one like THIS when you order a QR coded pebble. Just email me the message and artwork and I'll load it up.

Previously the pebbles were acid etched, which meant that sometimes codes didn't scan correctly. All codes are now laser etched by GETi using state of the art Sisma SMARK laser engraving to give unparallelled clarity and definition. Of course, you can still have your pebbles done the old fashioned way, which gives a softer look but may not be scanable (which could be an advantage depending on the message!). Laser etched pebbles may also be enamelled, although this may reduce the scanability of the pebbles.

Laser etching is 45 extra. on top of the plain pebble price.

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